The Burt Reynolds Semi-Nude Pose

I’m not sure if Burt Reynolds was the very first “bearish” media personality who had posed semi-nude while lying on top of a bear rug (not cool, Burt!).  Whatever the case, he had paved the way for other woofy men to get creative with such a pose…

Those fries sure do look mighty testes, er, tasty…

Mark Addy was, unfortunately, had cheap photographers who could not afford to even rent fake fur for his sexy pose.  But, who cares?  When you’re smoking hot and cuddly as Mr. Addy, you don’t need any fancy schmancy accoutrement.

I would love to inspect his crown’s two jewels.

Jerry “The King” Lawler looks very majestic and studly in this photo.  His beefy build and furry body truly displays his handsome regal excellence.

Who wouldn’t want to dribble that ball?

Terry Crews has got his bling on with that expensive looking fur rug.  His bulging muscles and killer smile are the things that could warm you down during those cold winter nights.

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7 thoughts on “The Burt Reynolds Semi-Nude Pose”

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  3. I remember my mm had that pic of Burt. I happened upon it as a pre-teen and it made me feel happy inside, for some reason?

    LOVE the Addy pic!

    Never seen the Lawler, but thanks for sharing!
    sigh, he used to have a nice pelt once upon a match, didn’t he?

  4. Where did you get this pic of the cute Mark Addy? I don’t think fake fur is needed at all! 🙂

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