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Greatest. Commercial. Ever.

(higher quality version)

Quite possibly the greatest commercial that I have seen so far that involves gay kissing…  It’s also one of the longest commercial I have ever seen.  Not surprisingly, it’s banned in the United States.  Um, go U.S.A.?

I have to give a shout out to rakpc2006 from YouTube for subscribing to my YouTube channel and was the person who directed me to this fantastic commercial.  Every time someone subscribes, I always check out their videos and favorites.  I am then always impressed by their awesome finds.  A superb and fine work to all of you!  ^_^

Breaking News: Gay Kiss Is Offensive And Unsuitable For Children

Popsucker.net reports that this ad was considered “offensive and unsuitable for children.”

One thing I do know is this: I will be a staunch supporter of Heinz from now on.

Anyway, I really shouldn’t add this, but I just wanted a funny clip in light of that banned commercial:

Hey, Bill.  If all you want is “JUST MAYONNAISE!” then I suggest that you shove a fistful of it up your ass then stick your pointing finger of moral holiness in it.

Then suck it.