Greatest. Commercial. Ever.
(higher quality version)

Quite possibly the greatest commercial that I have seen so far that involves gay kissing…  It’s also one of the longest commercial I have ever seen.  Not surprisingly, it’s banned in the United States.  Um, go U.S.A.?

I have to give a shout out to rakpc2006 from YouTube for subscribing to my YouTube channel and was the person who directed me to this fantastic commercial.  Every time someone subscribes, I always check out their videos and favorites.  I am then always impressed by their awesome finds.  A superb and fine work to all of you!  ^_^

3 thoughts on “Greatest. Commercial. Ever.”

  1. Lovely add. Reminded me of last june when we hosted in Dublin the Bingham Cup (kinda of gay world rugby cup). There were plenty of dramatic moments, in and out the pitch.

  2. Actually this was not “banned” this is part of a series of films produced by Aliph (the makers of Jawbone) in an attempt to create a viral buzz. None of these shorts were intended to air on US television

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