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Jack Weston: “The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street”

To celebrate Maine’s victory of repealing the law of allowing same-sex marriage, here is a Twilight Zone episode called “The Monsters Are Due on Maine Maple Street”…

Stephen King can’t even top this type of horror.

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Billy Villegas: 2010 California Marriage Protection Act PSA

I was sorting through my emails when I noticed an email from Billy Villegas and I literally fainted.  After recuperating, I read through the email and I was glad to hear that he and his wife enjoyed my post about him.  Not only do I already think that Billy is way cool for all the right reasons, he then tells me that he’s involved with this PSA video about the 2010 California Marriage Protection Act:

Thank you, Mr. Villegas.  I am grateful to always find heterosexual folks taking the time to support equal rights for the LGBT community.  Thank you very much…

Billy Villegas psa 01

Billy Villegas psa 04

John Marcotte: Video Interview About RescueMarriage.Org

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3528217&w=425&h=350&fv=referralPlaylistId%3Df62d749cfeb620acb9e4cb724c6e20444cf3dd9a%26referralObject%3D1251111422%26adServerBasePath%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fgannett.gcion.com%2Fadrawdata%2F.0%2F5111.1%2F506908%2F0%2F0%2Fheader%3Dyes%3Bcc%3D2%3Bcookie%3Dinfo%3Balias%3D%26adPositionId%3Dvideo_prestream%26adSiteId%3Dvideo.news10.com%2F%26SSTSCode%3Dnews%26pageContentCategory%3Dvideo%26pageContentSubcategory%3Darticleplayer%26gpaperCode%3Dgntbcstkxtv%26marketName%3DSacrametno%2C+CA%26division%3Dbroadcast%26adSystem%3DHelios%26playerId%3Darticleplayer%26playlistId%3Df62d749cfeb620acb9e4cb724c6e20444cf3dd9a%26allowDomains%3Dwww.news10.net]

We finally got to see some video footage of John Marcotte from RescueMarriage.org.  You might not recognize him with hair and sans sunglasses, but his undeniably woofy looks are not to be disputed.  I really can’t wait to see what happens to his ballot proposal in outlawing divorce in California…

John Marcotte interview