John Marcotte: Video Interview About RescueMarriage.Org

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We finally got to see some video footage of John Marcotte from  You might not recognize him with hair and sans sunglasses, but his undeniably woofy looks are not to be disputed.  I really can’t wait to see what happens to his ballot proposal in outlawing divorce in California…

John Marcotte interview

5 thoughts on “John Marcotte: Video Interview About RescueMarriage.Org”

  1. excellent way to make the point about the absurdity and horrendous meaning of prop. 8. i have used an article about this for a discussion with my adult english learners. it made for a very interesting debate…although at the end, nobody was debating; we were all in agreement that nobody should be denying anyone the right to get married. it is a violation of their civil rights. the same would be true of denying the right of divorce. and if the supporters of prop.8 are so concerned that homosexual marriage will destroy or negatively impact heterosexual marriage (and please explain to my husband and i just exactly how that would work!), then by all means, ban divorce. keep the marriage, any and all marriages, in place.

  2. I don’t know if you remembered me but I was angery at first about this idea but now.. I’m excited about it. Your right it would be a great social experiment.

    and sense we (the GLTB community) can’t get married it doesn’t consern us.

    If we can’t marry the person we love.
    you can’t leave the person you hate.

    Is what I say to them

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