Italian For Beginners

I just noticed that my 5 second Phil Martin video clip (lol, I got baited by some YouTarded Troll on the comments section) had this video as a “Related Video.”  I have no clue what he’s saying, so I’d appreciate it if someone out there could translate or just give us an idea as to what he’s saying.

Either way, he’s just so sexy and hot.

3 thoughts on “Italian For Beginners”

  1. how old are you? – 30,
    where are you from? – Atragolla (not sure, poor sound quality)
    what do you take in school? – electrical engineering (i think, poor sound quality)
    are you taken? – no, i am single
    what kind of a person are you looking for? -looking for someone who is at least 30
    a guy or a girl? – a girl, of course (the cameraman is disappointed too lol)
    should she have a job? – not a requirement
    then it goes on, she shouldn’t have her parents living with her, etc etc I got distracted once he got out of the towel lol

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