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Classic Goonday Moonday: Pure Strength Strongmen Of 1989

Twenty-two years ago, I was in high school and still oblivious to the world of strongmen competitions.  So thank goodness for YouTube.  It has become a rich video archive of classic strongmen competitions.  This one in particular is called “Pure Strength” (the 1989 episode). HITStrongman posted the whole event in 7 parts. [KEEP ON WOOFIN’!]

Flemming Rasmussen: May I Please Have Coffee And That Woofy Danish?


Flemming Rasmussen was one of my earliest crushes when I first discovered the World’s Strongest Man Competitions.  Heinz Ollesch, Gerrit Badenhorst, Jamie Reeves, Lars Hedlund, Bruce Wilhelm, Henning Thorsen, and of course, Bill Kazmaier were also part of my Strongmen fantasies.  I love Flemming’s physique as he’s more of a musclechub than a musclebear.  Not that musclechubs are better than musclebears or anything.  Well, er, how about a test?

Who is the sexiest of the two?  Heinz or Flemming?

And, no, the purposefully selected photo of a speedo-wearing Flemming
is not supposed to sway your vote. 

[BearPit] Jamie Reeves: 1989 WSM Champion

Jamie: “Yeah!  I won a… er… ah… non-decorative silver butler’s tray!  Whoo-hoo!”
3rd Place Competitor: (gropes Jamie’s massive tricep) “Yeah!  Whoo-hoo!”
True Winner = 3rd Place Competitor

Jamie Reeves is one of my favorite classic World’s Strongest Man competitor.  He has that chubby/muscular look that just drives me crazy.  He is currently the judge for IFSA (International Federation of Strength Athletes) Strongman.