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[Unknown] Japanese Musclebear

Japanese Musclebear
Please correct me as I'm not really sure if this musclebear is Japanese or Korean...

I found this wallpaper background from this Korean website:


I really want to join it as it seems to be a picture-sharing club.  I’m able to translate it via Google, but I have no clue as to how to join.  Any Korean-speaking bear lovers out there?  Halp!

Yutaka Yoshie: Sweaty Japanese Pro-Wrestler

There is something about seeing a big bear of a man drenched in sweat.  His skin becomes sensually lubricated and depending on your view, you’ll notice that certain parts of his husky physique would glisten.  Needless to say, I go insane whenever I see a big man sweat.  I just love the natural and musky scent he would then exude.  Such beads of sweat trickling down his massive frame are simply utterly mesmerizing and extremely erotic.  To explain what I mean, here are a couple of photos of Japanese pro-wrestler, Mr. Yutaka Yoshie, in all his sweaty glory.