[Unknown] Japanese Musclebear

Japanese Musclebear

Please correct me as I'm not really sure if this musclebear is Japanese or Korean...

I found this wallpaper background from this Korean website:


I really want to join it as it seems to be a picture-sharing club.  I’m able to translate it via Google, but I have no clue as to how to join.  Any Korean-speaking bear lovers out there?  Halp!

22 comments on “[Unknown] Japanese Musclebear

  1. DG says:


    From my experience, I’d say he’s a Caucasian/Japanese mix (Eurasian).

  2. Tommy says:

    I don’t know anything about Korean, but did you notice that your blog here is listed in a bunch of links as you scroll down the page, along with BiggerCity and a bunch of others (and they are listed in English).

  3. wolfotehmoon says:

    That’s either Chinese or Japanese in the pic, so…

  4. mino says:

    this guy is Caucasian/Chinese(HK) mix I head from my friend.
    Saw him several times in HK.

  5. bear2wrestle says:

    It’s Korean. I recognise the script, but can’t read it (sadly!)

    • wolfotehmoon says:

      Not at all. Those are the Chinese characters that Japanese also uses as one of their three “alphabets.” Hangul doesn’t even remotely look like this. >>

  6. Does it matter whether he’s Japanese, Korean or Chinese?! What is of prime importance is that here’s a posterboy for chubby, busty, hairy, sexy bear! I presume words like ‘WOOF!’, ‘DROOL!’,’SLURP!’ AND ‘SIGH! may be the same in all languages, eh?!

  7. panda says:

    well, he is Louis Kwong. u can find more his pic over his partner(?) Goldenberg’s Flickr.

    or Lou’s own flickr


    • Vinicius Macedo says:

      That’s right, His name is Louis Kwong and he’s about 40 years old, he has a partner though..
      His partner’s name is David Goldenberg, he is a photographer and he works photagraphing bears… you guys can check some photos entering his website..

      They have an youtube channel, with one hot vid!!!
      check out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCBQXiz_ks0

  8. panda says:

    o btw, since his name is Louis Kwong, probably is Chinese.

  9. Bobby says:

    SWEET MAMA,what a body oh lord,sexy! (oh the fur,i can feel my mind fading!!!)

  10. Benjiro says:


    Here is is profile of BMB (BigMuscleBears.com).

  11. Benjiro says:

    Here is his profile on BigMuscleBears.com (BMB)

  12. Benjiro says:

    Here is his profile on BMB, (BigMuscleBears).

  13. Давыд says:

    Увлекательно! Все очень толково и грамотно, и в то же время без умствований и самолюбования, и на доступном языке. Редкий случай когда человек делится актуальной и интересной инфой. Спасибо автору!

  14. Thomas says:

    i know he is chinese,because i’m a chinese too

  15. Weirdo says:

    He’s canto.

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