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Charley Rossman: Super Daddy Bear

Charley Rossman has been in many films where he normally plays bit parts.  He oftentimes gets the role of a security guard or a police officer.  In Superbad, we witness this burly daddy bear practically decapitating poor Jonah Hill with a broken bottle of Goldslick Vodka.

And in the upcoming film, Finding Amanda, he plays the role of a Security Guard.  But, this time, instead of being the arm of the law inside a Grocery Store, he’s now inside a Casino.  Finally.  A promotion!

You guys can check out his Official Website where you can find more photos and videos of this handsome daddy bear.

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Malcolm Danare: “Christine”

The following screenshot is from a famous scene from one of the 80’s greatest horror films, Christine.

Malcolm Danare (aka early 80’s Jonah Hill) plays the unfortunate victim of a possessed 1958 Plymouth Fury.

“Christine” was one of my early introduction to horror films (“Alien” being my all-time favorite); and it made such an impact on me that I became a horror fan.  John Carpenter actually made killing people, well, “cool” to my impressionable mind.  I’m talking about early Carpenter stuff such as “Halloween,” “Halloween II,” and “The Thing.”  With “Christine,” he has perfected a symphony of death by blending haunting synthesized music with classic 50’s songs.

If you haven’t seen the film, I highly recommend it.  Obviously, this is a semi-spoiler, but this is the scene called “The Death Of Moochie Welch”…

The following are screenshots of Mr. Danare who also gave me a good reason to keep watching this movie on Betamax, over and over, back in the day.