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Keith Hudson as Hulking Guy: “Burn Notice”

[EDIT: I tried uploading Mr. Keith Hudson‘s scene from Burn Notice on YouTube but it got detected immediately as “copyright infringement” from FOX.  Anyway, you can watch the whole episode where I got these screenshots from here.  Dammit.  Where else can I upload videos that are not as strict as YouTube?  I’m trying to be careful with my uploads as I don’t want to get my YouTube account suspended.]

Anyway, I love how Mr. Hudson’s character is simply written down as “Hulking Guy.”  I can’t wait for his next role to be “Hulking Shirtless Bear.”  That would be definitely sweet.

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Keith Hudson as Fat Cop: “Sex Drive”

The other woofy bear in the upcoming film, Sex Drive, is Keith Hudson.  The name of his character is the simply-stated “Fat Cop.”  Definitely check out the trailer as this scene with Mr. Hudson is just freaking hilarious.

Damn.  Oh man.  That uniform.  That husky frame.  That thick moustache.  That belly.  Ah, this bear is definitely a bear cop of my dreams…  A definite bullgoon

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