Keith Hudson as Fat Cop: “Sex Drive”

The other woofy bear in the upcoming film, Sex Drive, is Keith Hudson.  The name of his character is the simply-stated “Fat Cop.”  Definitely check out the trailer as this scene with Mr. Hudson is just freaking hilarious.

Damn.  Oh man.  That uniform.  That husky frame.  That thick moustache.  That belly.  Ah, this bear is definitely a bear cop of my dreams…  A definite bullgoon

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3 thoughts on “Keith Hudson as Fat Cop: “Sex Drive””

  1. His character is called FAT COP. That is fucking horny. Chase me fat cop I’ve been really naughty, I’ll let you catch me. And I’ll spread em.

  2. I think you meant to post this on the “Michael Cudlitz” post? ^_^

    But, anyway, count me in as a big fan of “Running Scared.” I loved how it created this big, bad, and grim(m) world of Urban Fairy Tales. And Paul Walker was just perfect for that role.

  3. He was hot as fuck (and consequently, shot in the fucking head) as a mafioso in the everyone-hated-it-but-me Paul Walker flick Running Scared.

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