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Kim Bodnia: “Old Men In New Cars”

Kim Bodnia ominc-001

Denmark’s Kim Bodnia is up there as one of my favorite bearish actors.  I first discovered him back in 2002 when I was browsing through the foreign DVD section of a Tower Records WOW Superstore.  (You can relive that same story of my mine from my first Kim Bodnia post I did a year ago.)

Kim Bodnia ominc-010

The very first DVD I found was Gamle mænd i nye biler (Old Men In New Cars).  My eyes immediately honed in on the husky bearded photoshopped head in the middle of the photo.

Old Men In New CarsI grabbed it right away and I want you guys to figure out where I stopped reading the DVD’s back cover and immediately made an impulse buy:

In a style that makes Hollywood action movies tame by comparison, this hyperventillating comedy/action flick combines breathtaking action sequences with unsettling black humor, unrepentant misogyny, and plenty of super-violence. When the beefy thug and hardened criminal Harald is released from prison, he quickly “enlists” his two former henchmen Peter and Martin into his new gang. Before he resumes his criminal ways, his dying surrogate father asks him to find his biological son, not seen since a bay. But that baby is now in a maximum security prison and a far-from-cured serial killer. With his posse in place, Harald is ready for that crime spree he’s been dreaming of. Bodies begin to pile up; but when one bank robbery ends with them holding hostage a feisty, suicidal young woman, things go from bad to worse for our lovable villains. Breating new life into the gangster genre, Old Men In New Cars is an exhilarating delight.

That’s right.  “Beefy thug” got me.  It was a gamble as the beefy thug might be a reference to someone else and not that actual beefy hunk on the front cover.  You kids today and your iPhones, you could have accessed IMDb and checked out who “Harald” was to verify that the guy on the cover was indeed Kim Bodnia, aka “beefy thug.”  Anyway, that then led me to exploring most of his movies and I have been a fan ever since.

Kim Bodnia ominc-017

Here are some screenshots of Mr. Bodnia’s shirtless scene in Old Men In New Cars.

As always, please check out the bearmythology Flickr Photostream for more screenshots.

Kim Bodnia ominc 19

Kim Bodnia ominc 16

Kim Bodnia ominc 13

Kim Bodnia ominc 11

Kim Bodnia ominc 09

Kim Bodnia ominc 08

This is the first 4 minutes of the film

This is the ending of the film and I love it because there’s something
about seeing a big guy cry…

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Kim Bodnia: “Ekko” (Echo)

I have been a fan of Danish actor, Kim Bodnia [IMDB bio, MySpace Page], ever since I saw him in Pusher.  He was slimmer back then, but throughout the years, he had matured into a woofy bear.  Today, he is simply a handsome daddy bear.

I normally would get my hands on his films by going through the foreign film section of media outlets, such as Tower Records (which are starting to become a dying breed, if not, have already become defunct relics of a bygone digital age).  I remember spending a hefty $40 each for DVDs such as I Kina spiser de hunde (“In China They Eat Dogs”) and Gamle mænd i nye bile (“Old Men In New Cars”).  I will definitely be posting more about Mr. Bodnia’s films at a later time…

In the meantime, while checking out his recent films, I came upon this Danish site that has some high-quality images from the film Ekko (“Echo”) [English translation].  I had to resize the images in this post so definitely check out that site.

Out of all the photos, this is my favorite…

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