Kim Bodnia: “Ekko” (Echo)

I have been a fan of Danish actor, Kim Bodnia [IMDB bio, MySpace Page], ever since I saw him in Pusher.  He was slimmer back then, but throughout the years, he had matured into a woofy bear.  Today, he is simply a handsome daddy bear.

I normally would get my hands on his films by going through the foreign film section of media outlets, such as Tower Records (which are starting to become a dying breed, if not, have already become defunct relics of a bygone digital age).  I remember spending a hefty $40 each for DVDs such as I Kina spiser de hunde (“In China They Eat Dogs”) and Gamle mænd i nye bile (“Old Men In New Cars”).  I will definitely be posting more about Mr. Bodnia’s films at a later time…

In the meantime, while checking out his recent films, I came upon this Danish site that has some high-quality images from the film Ekko (“Echo”) [English translation].  I had to resize the images in this post so definitely check out that site.

Out of all the photos, this is my favorite…

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