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Mark “The Bear” Smith: King Of The Cage (Sudden Impact)

(higher quality version)

After much experimentation with converting videos (and with tremendous help from D.T.), I have finally managed to upload a somewhat clearer video of the MMA match of Mark “The Bear” Smith against Dan “The Beast” Severn (from “King Of The Cage: Sudden Impact”).  (I made an error halfway through the video as you’ll notice that the clip where Mark and Dan faces up would repeat itself.  And, unfortunately, my “higher quality version” is actually pretty poor.  Growing pains, I guess.)

Anyway, here are some screenshots from that match.  Mark Smith is definitely one of my favorite MMA fighters of all-time.  Even when he’s talking smack against Dan Severn, he’s very respectful about it.  Mark “The Bear” Smith truly lives up to that nickname.  He’s not just a brute fighter, but he’s also a huggable teddy bear.

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Chance “King Of The Streets” Williams

D.T. has once again unearthed a bearish gem: a cute MMA fighter by the name of Chance “King of the Streets” Williams.

Here’s a post-interview match of this woofy bear:

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.1535642&w=425&h=350&fv=]

The following photo set is from Keepers Of The Cage.  Not a lot of photos of Mr. Williams, but the quality is top-notch.

The next set is from MMA-Fighter (start on this link for more of his photos).  It’s a match he has against a beefy and muscular fighter called “Big Will.”  The last photo shows who the winner is.  I must say, I’m impressed.

And, finally, here are just some wonderful photos of this handsome brawler.