Chance “King Of The Streets” Williams

D.T. has once again unearthed a bearish gem: a cute MMA fighter by the name of Chance “King of the Streets” Williams.

Here’s a post-interview match of this woofy bear:

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.1535642&w=425&h=350&fv=]

The following photo set is from Keepers Of The Cage.  Not a lot of photos of Mr. Williams, but the quality is top-notch.

The next set is from MMA-Fighter (start on this link for more of his photos).  It’s a match he has against a beefy and muscular fighter called “Big Will.”  The last photo shows who the winner is.  I must say, I’m impressed.

And, finally, here are just some wonderful photos of this handsome brawler.

3 thoughts on “Chance “King Of The Streets” Williams”

  1. I saw Chance only twice, in KOTC Matches, his second and third,
    back in 2006, East of Globe, my hometown.

    Always enjoy the big heavyweights since I was 45 and simply
    ‘Fat’ when I hit 280. I was impressed, always have been with
    athletes, with so much extra weight and stamina, also, such
    as Oliver (last name forgotten) of the Phx Suns and Refrigerator
    Perry of the Chicago Bears.

    Never can happen but I would have loved to see a match between Chance
    and Globe Legend of 30 years earlier, called Bullfrog.

    Globe had a big earthquake in 1906 . . . that Fantasy Match
    would have been the second one.

    Good Luck Chance!

  2. very cute!
    yeah unbuckle your belt, and next, go on, go on, unbutton your fly, i see your boxer brief, lose that too!

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