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Mark “The Bear” Smith: King Of The Cage (Sudden Impact)

(higher quality version)

After much experimentation with converting videos (and with tremendous help from D.T.), I have finally managed to upload a somewhat clearer video of the MMA match of Mark “The Bear” Smith against Dan “The Beast” Severn (from “King Of The Cage: Sudden Impact”).  (I made an error halfway through the video as you’ll notice that the clip where Mark and Dan faces up would repeat itself.  And, unfortunately, my “higher quality version” is actually pretty poor.  Growing pains, I guess.)

Anyway, here are some screenshots from that match.  Mark Smith is definitely one of my favorite MMA fighters of all-time.  Even when he’s talking smack against Dan Severn, he’s very respectful about it.  Mark “The Bear” Smith truly lives up to that nickname.  He’s not just a brute fighter, but he’s also a huggable teddy bear.

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Mark “The Bear” Smith: Interview With A Bear

(higher quality version)

I can’t believe I missed this one.  It’s a really quick interview with the woofy Mark “The Bear” Smith about his match against Dan “The Beast” Severn in “King of the Cage 18 – Sudden Impact.”

The following photos are from his MySpace Page.

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Mark “The Bear” Smith: Island Bear

While checking out for more photos of Mark “The Bear” Smith on his MySpace Page, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that his main photo was the collage I made.  I also felt warm and fuzzy inside with the comment he had written:

Original collage is found here

Well, the warm and fuzzy feeling quickly subsided when I read this…

Oh well.  It shouldn’t really bother me as BaBy LoVe is indeed right.  I just wished that there was a “LOL” there or something.  Or, at least, leave out the “ILL PROTECT U!!!”. I’m sure she can beat me up pretty good, so there’s no contest. ^_^

In her defense, I did post this: Mark “The Bear” Smith: Bear Trapping 101.  Lol.

Anyway, here’s a couple of photos of the woofy Mark “The Bear” Smith (courtesy of your stalking blogger):

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Mark “The Bear” Smith: Bear Trapping 101

In this issue of the now defunct “Grappling” magazine, there are visual step-by-step instructions on Bear Trapping.

I tried it on a bear who was about 160 lbs. heavier than I was (such as the woofy Mark “The Bear” Smith pictured above), and let’s just say that I want my $5.99 refund on this so-called useful magazine…

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Mark “The Bear” Smith: He’s The Kine One Onolicious Bear, Bruddah!

I lived in the island of Oahu, Hawaii when I was a confused 11 year old until I was an even more confused 24 year old.  Checking out the MySpace Page of Mark “The Bear” Smith, he apparently was an island neighbor, just two hops away from me, in quite possibly the most beautiful island ever: Maui.  He is a beast of a bear yet possesses that cuddly and friendly face.  Case in point:

Not quite sure what fish it is, but all I could see is
Mr. Smith’s woofy face.  My voice then changes into
a badly impersonation of Al Pacino as I yell,


I also want to make a big woofy shout-out to my good friend, Greg, owner/moderator of the amazing Brotherhood of Bears Yahoo Group.  Every week, he always manages to find bears that I have not heard of and bears that I have forgotten.  Greg’s been practically doing it for about close to a decade now and he keeps wowing me with his woofy finds.  Case in point: Mr. Mark “The Bear” Smith.  If it wasn’t for Greg, I might have forgotten about “The Bear.”  That is not only unacceptable, but it should be downright illegal.

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