Mark “The Bear” Smith: Island Bear

While checking out for more photos of Mark “The Bear” Smith on his MySpace Page, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that his main photo was the collage I made.  I also felt warm and fuzzy inside with the comment he had written:

Original collage is found here

Well, the warm and fuzzy feeling quickly subsided when I read this…

Oh well.  It shouldn’t really bother me as BaBy LoVe is indeed right.  I just wished that there was a “LOL” there or something.  Or, at least, leave out the “ILL PROTECT U!!!”. I’m sure she can beat me up pretty good, so there’s no contest. ^_^

In her defense, I did post this: Mark “The Bear” Smith: Bear Trapping 101.  Lol.

Anyway, here’s a couple of photos of the woofy Mark “The Bear” Smith (courtesy of your stalking blogger):

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