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Nicholas Barker: Woofy Chubby Bear Of Dimmu Borgir


DG, the resident “Music Bear” expert, just linked me to a YouTube video of a shirtless Nicholas Barker drumming it up for Dimmu Borgir.  Wow.  He said that the video will get me hot, and he was absolutely right, it’s not even funny.  Check it out:

(higher quality version)

It’s pretty anti-climactic, but here’s my shirtless photo of Nick Barker.  I forgot where I got it, but I’m guessing it was from Kerrang! or some metal magazine.


I have the 2-Disc DVD of Dimmu Borgir – World Misanthropy but the second disc was unreadable.  There’s supposed to be some great stuff in it with Nicholas Barker.  I probably bought a bad bootleg.