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Two Woofy Tuesday: Jack Black Vs. Kyle Gass


On today’s Two Woofy Tuesday, we are pitting both bearish/chubby members of a satirical rock opera band, Tenacious D.  And, like always, the simple, yet difficult, question is asked…  Who is the woofiest member of Tenacious D: Jack Black or Kyle Gass?

Two Woofy Tuesday ends with this poll…  That is, it will be back after 9 weeks.  In its place will be Two Woofy Tuesday: Beary Yummy Seconds edition.  Hopefully, my sad attempt at a Gummi Bears pun gives you a hint as who would be showing up on every Tuesday for the next 9 weeks…


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Two Woofy Tuesday: Phil Martin Vs. Heinz Ollesch


Today’s Two Woofy Tuesday theme is “Strongest Men.”  It completely pains me to pit two spectacularly handsome strongmen together, but I am a cruel and unjust blogger.  So, today, I pose this most difficult question: “Do you pick the strongman musclechub, Phil Martin, or the strongman musclebear, Heinz Ollesch?”

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Woofy Winner Wednesday: The Shane Twins

As I don’t involve myself in this weekly poll/contest, I have to say that I’m very shocked to see not just The Shane Twins win, but for them to win by such a large margin — based on emails, comments and this poll (100-11).  But the fans have spoken so here are your musclebear winners, The Shane Twins: Mike and Todd Shane…

(My straight best friend actually even voted for The Shane Twins and I said, “What the?  You’re not even gay.”  My buddy then said that I’m a “Bear Hack” and that I did not know what a “true bear” looked like and that I should go back to “Bear School” as I needed some remedial lessons.  Lol.  What a friend.  But, again, I am just truly surprised to see very few votes for The Power Twins!  In my not so humble opinion, they’re the most “bearish” in contrast to The Shane Twins.  However, I did ask you guys who the “woofiest” was.  Ah, semantics…)

















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Two Woofy Tuesday: Shane Twins Vs. Power Twins


Today’s Two Woofy Tuesday theme is “Pro Wrestling Twins”: On one corner, we have the musclebound Shane Twins (Mike & Todd Shane), while on the other corner, we have the husky Power Twins (David & Larry Sontag).

[FUN FACT: The Shane Twins were in a commercial for Sonny’s BBQ (pictured above) while The Power Twins played Andy Garcia’s bodyguards from the Ocean’s Eleven films…]

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Two Woofy Tuesday: Manuel Martinez Vs. Christian Cantwell

manuel-martinez-vs-christian-cantwellManuel Martinez versus Christian Cantwell

My obsessive voting habits for Dancing With The Stars have inspired me to do a “Woofy Challenge” of sorts.  This is all in the name of good fun and a way for me to see who you guys and gals tend to find “more attractive” (i.e., “woofier”).

Today’s Two Woofy Tuesday’s theme is “Shirtless Bearish Shot Putters”…  So who’s woofier?  The furry and beefy Manuel Martinez or the bulky and massive Christian Cantwell?

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