Two Woofy Tuesday: Phil Martin Vs. Heinz Ollesch


Today’s Two Woofy Tuesday theme is “Strongest Men.”  It completely pains me to pit two spectacularly handsome strongmen together, but I am a cruel and unjust blogger.  So, today, I pose this most difficult question: “Do you pick the strongman musclechub, Phil Martin, or the strongman musclebear, Heinz Ollesch?”

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12 thoughts on “Two Woofy Tuesday: Phil Martin Vs. Heinz Ollesch”

  1. omg its too hard for me they’re both awesome and so hot i will vote for phil god hes a god lol

  2. I voted for Phil Martin, he has an awesome huge body, seems like a great dude and is very much my type. Love that sumo match! While I think Ollesch is pretty hot too, I have heard in the past that he made some homophobic remarks. I dont know exactly what he said, but I cant say that didnt influence my vote.

  3. I voted for Heinz cause he’s more my “type”.But Phil deserves special recognition for being gay friendly & cool bout his appearances on here.

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