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Goonday Moonday: Joell Ortiz

joell ortiz

Joell Ortiz is a Puerto Rican rapper who specializes in freestyle.  I am not truly a big fan of freestyling, but I do respect the art of improvising hip hop lyrics.  And, maybe I’m biased, but I have listened to a number of Joell Ortiz’s music and I can safely say that he is a master of his craft.  Perhaps the eye candy of such a husky and stocky Latino is clouding my vision?  Well, you guys decide for yourself.  Here are a couple of music videos from Mr. Ortiz.  (Check out his blog, which is written by other bloggers and Mr. Ortiz himself — just read the “Tags”…  We’re using the same WordPress template.  Word up.)

This one is my favorite.  It’s titled, Good Times.


Here are some photos (courtesy of Natty Photography) from the making of Memories

Joell Ortiz and Rik Cordero

Joell Ortiz Memories 01

Joell Ortiz Memories 02

Joell Ortiz Memories 03

You’ll notice that  Joell likes to wear a wifebeater a lot.  Here is a NSFW interview of him just wearing a black tanktop.  Gadzooks!  This Brooklyn Bullgoon definitely has thick arms and a massive chest.

Currently, Joell Ortiz is part of a hip-hop supergroup called Slaughterhouse…  Joell reminds me of Yankees pitcher, C.C. Sabathia, in this album cover.


CC Sabathia New York Yankees

This first song that they have released is very radio-friendly, in my opinion (even with the explicit lyrics).  I expected their songs to be a bit more hardcore, but maybe this is that introduction song to draw audiences in.  In fact, Joell’s lyrics are a bit “subdued,” for lack of a better word.  Still, he knows how to flow with his rhymes and, as a bonus, he’s wearing a wifebeater on a couple of scenes…

Joell Ortiz The One

Joell Ortiz - slaughterhouse 01

Joell Ortiz slaughterhouse apron 1What is it with rap and blood?  Check out Spain’s Panzers’ album cover


OseHim: or Él Es Mismo Woofy

I was vacationing in beautiful Spain a few years ago when I passed by a Music store.  While browsing around, I noticed this CD:


I did not buy it as I, well, don’t speak Spanish.  Still, I remember regretting not doing so as I was desperate to find a photo of that CD cover.  With my bad memory, I could not quite remember what was written on the CD.  All I could remember was the word “Panzers.”  So, after some detective work on Google, I eventually discovered this music group.  And to my pleasant surprise, their home page had a music video that was downloadable (this was before YouTube got big).  Here is that video:

I can listen to this bear rap for hours on end.  Por supuesto!
Ah, see, I know Spanish already!

For you impatient lot, go straight to 2:16 and you will be briefly blessed with the following awe-inspiring bear belly striptease…


Panzers also has a MySpace Page. It appears that they have a new album out (“Mo”) and their promo photos are very minimalist and well done. I just have to post one of them: