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Richie Incognito: Husky Football Player Part Whoa Nelly

Richie Incognito interview

NFL Season is about to begin in August and Sundays will be heaven for us admirers of big and husky uniformed gladiators.  Can someone start the often-neglected offensive/defensive linemen fantasy draft already?  If there was such a thing, St. Louis Rams’ Richie Incognito will definitely be my number two pick for Center.  Who’s my number 1 Center you eagerly ask?  Oh, come on, it is no contest…

Richie Incognito 68

Richie Incognito tattooFrom ESPN Magazine

Richie Incognito jersey

Richie Incognito rams vs bears

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Richie Incognito: Husky Football Player Part Whoa

richie-incognito-kneelingfrom bigfoulbeast’s Flickr Photostream

I’ve posted about Richie Incognito before and then I remembered that I needed to perform my civic duty and re-google some new photos of him…  The task is done.

richie-incognito-trainingfrom John Anderson’s pbase gallery
(according to him, Richie wore his jersey like this ALL DAY!)

richie-incognito-training-02This is pretty blurry, but hey, it’s better than nuthin’!… or…

Anyway, here’s my doctored close-up of that first photo…  (By the way, anybody knows of a good app that can resize an image without making it look pixellated?)







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From One Husky Brett Romberg To Four Other Beefy Football Players

Thanks to Tommy and xibearix, not only did I find out the name of that unknown husky college football player (Brett Romberg), their research has led me to four other woofy football players.  Out of the four, I have already posted about Kasey Studdard

I tend to find connections in everything; I then tend to create meaning from such connections (yes, I subscribe to the school of Roland Barthes).  It’s a “hobby” of mine that I tend to do a lot.  Here’s a sampling of what happened in my bear-filled brain when I did my own research about these 5 football players…

I posted about Brett Romberg, but I did not know him; however, xibearix did and he led me to a full-blown photo that I once ripped apart from a dentist’s office.

From the SI Vault

Tommy then researched about my mistaken Texas Longhorns theory (about Brett Romberg’s university) which led him to another Brett: Brett Valdez.  Both are just spectacularly beefy.  Brett Romberg is now with the St. Louis Rams while Brett Valdez works for a company called RAM Financial Group.

Ram is a type of animal that gets hunted.  Brett Valdez has a passion for hunting and fishing and is the Director of Community Development for TexasHuntFish.com

Brett Valdez graduated from the University of Texas, along with two other woofy football players: Kasey Studdard and Justin Blalock.  Kasey and Justin were 2 of the 7 Texas Longhorns selected by pro-football teams from the 2007 NFL Draft.

Brett Valdez and Justin Blalock would hunt together.

(higher quality version)

While Kasey Studdard was inadvertently hunted by an amateur paparazzi with a drunken Vince Young:

Being involved in a highly-publicized sport, such as pro-football, these athletes will be scrutinized by the media and public.  Brett Romberg, for example, has been compared to the late Chris Farley (and in a non-flattering way).  Luckily for me, that message board compared another beefy bear, Orlando Pace (also with the Saint Louis Rams) to a babyface rapper/singer.  I then researched more about Orlando Pace which led me to this set of awesome photos, specifically the first one… (I wonder why?)  ^_^

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[BearPit] Richie Incognito: Husky Football Player

Okay, so it’s actually NBA Playoffs Fever (prediction: Lakers vs. Pistons and Lakers in 6!*), but I still miss the football bears.  Here’s the husky Richie Incognito of the St. Louis Rams.  Unfortunately, he had a season-ending injury and hopefully he’ll be good to go by next season.

And here’s Mr. Incognito teasing me with his right and left armpit, then completing the one-two punch combo with a shot of his beefy belly.  FATALITY!  Incognito WINS!

[* Well, I love the Pistons, and they’ve been dominant this season; however, I’m such a diehard Kobe fan that my prediction is based purely on bias.]

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