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“Watchmen” Trailer: Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The Comedian. Perfection.

I’m somewhat embarrassed since I’m filtering in some traffic for those people (i.e., straight-folk and even gays who don’t like bears) who are doing Google searches on “Jeffrey Dean Morgan The Comedian.” Unfortunately, some of them end up being horrified and violated at my gay attractions towards the actor who plays The Comedian from my original Watchmen post.

Be that as it may, the Watchmen trailer has arrived in glorious Quicktime, and the short glimpses that we see of The Comedian is already proving that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is definitely perfect for the role who also happens to be seriously exuding such badassery that even these gay haters will have to feel some sort of homo-attraction towards him.  Must I add an apologetic “lolz”?  Um, no.

Freaking A.  Just perfect.

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Watchmen’s The Comedian

A year from now (3/6/09), the very first comic book to ever win the Hugo Award (in 1988) will be unleashed as a motion picture: Alan Moore’s Watchmen. I read about this from a CHUD article and I — and the rest of the geek universe — instantly blew a collective wad of orgiastic ecstasy at the full character portraits that director Zack Snyder’s had revealed to us.

As for the bear-related part: The Comedian has been the only bearish character in the comic book and, boy, did they get him right:


The first time I really noticed Jeffrey Dean Morgan (aka the cuter Javier Bardeem) was when I brought my mom to see P.S. I Love You on her birthday.  The movie bored me to dried tears, but I found myself strangely attracted to Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character.  He was definitely not my type, but there was something about him.  Anyway, finding out that he is playing The Comedian and actually seeing him in that static full regalia, well, consider me stoked and call me “nerd.”

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