“Watchmen” Trailer: Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The Comedian. Perfection.

I’m somewhat embarrassed since I’m filtering in some traffic for those people (i.e., straight-folk and even gays who don’t like bears) who are doing Google searches on “Jeffrey Dean Morgan The Comedian.” Unfortunately, some of them end up being horrified and violated at my gay attractions towards the actor who plays The Comedian from my original Watchmen post.

Be that as it may, the Watchmen trailer has arrived in glorious Quicktime, and the short glimpses that we see of The Comedian is already proving that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is definitely perfect for the role who also happens to be seriously exuding such badassery that even these gay haters will have to feel some sort of homo-attraction towards him.  Must I add an apologetic “lolz”?  Um, no.

Freaking A.  Just perfect.

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5 thoughts on ““Watchmen” Trailer: Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The Comedian. Perfection.”

  1. I really don’t want to have high expectations coming into this movie. It can’t possibly live up to what I want the movie to be. But this trailer is awfully darn close!

  2. This JDM fan is not offended at all.. I’ve been reading the Watchmen, and Jeff was born to play this role.. He does badass well, John Winchester(Supenatural) was a #1 badass demon killer.

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