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Goonday Moonday: Mike Hallick As Mantaur & Bruiser Mastino


A few months ago, I posed one of life’s important questions: “What happened to pro-wrestlers like these?” In this case, pro-wrestlers of the bearish and massively goonish mold.  I then posted a photo of Bruiser Mastino who was only wearing a very revealing singlet.  Ever since then, I kept doing a “monthly google” for this massive musclechub.  Well, what do you know?  Not only did it lead me to finding a couple of his wrestling matches, it led me to a Bruiser Mastino who only wore something much better than a singlet: wrestling trunks!

However, before we get to the even better goonie good-stuff, here are some photos of the woofy Mr. Hallick as one of my favorites in the old WWF, Mantaur…


mantaur-002These “eating photos” are dedicated to my good friend, Sam…
He had introduced me to a fetish that I wasn’t aware of.




And as an important sidenote to this post, Mantaur was not the only big fella in the early and mid-1990’s.  My other favorites were Typhoon/Tugboat (Fred Ottman) and PN News/Cannonball Grizzly (Paul Neu).  I’ve had many nights where I would fantasize the three of them together as this crew of evil henchmen.  Here are some visuals of the other two naughty bears…  (Alright, alright, what about Earthquake, Yokozuna, Bastion Booger?  They’re there, I just want to keep my number of top goons in threes…)

typhoon-wwf-01Typhoon (Fred Ottman)

cannonball-grizzlyCannonball Grizzly (Paul Neu)

Unfortunately (for you and not me), with my BearBeat fetish, they always end up getting beat up and dominated by <enter generic and non-descript fantasy good guy(s)/gal(s) here>.  Here’s a close approximation of my BearBeat fantasies (of course, there are no actual usage of dangerous objects in my PG-rated fantasies).

As a treat, a video was just uploaded a few hours ago between Bruiser Mastino and Cannonball Grizzly.  According to the YouTuber, they were real life pals…

It’s interesting to note how Cannonball Grizzly started out more chubby then later on transformed into a musclechub, while Bruiser Mastino started out as being more husky (or as a blog reader once mentioned this term, “Huscular”) but have now also turned into a musclechub.  And for the sake of this post, both massive men are definitely of the bullgoon make and model.

Finally, here’s the match that you’ve all been waiting for…  It’s a squash match between Bruiser Mastino and El Puerto Riqueño from ECW Holiday Hell 1995.  My jaws literally dropped when I saw this match.  Unfortunately for me, he dominated the little man and it did not do my fetish any favors.  But, hey, beggars cannot be choosers as we were all treated to a big goon wrestling around in just those sweet, sweet trunks.  So I ask the question again: “What happened to pro-wrestlers like these?”…













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Another Unknown Woofy Wrestler Is Still Unknown (Andrew Anderson)

[EDIT: Unknown no longer.  His name is Andrew Anderson.]

Thanks again to Greg of Brotherhood Of Bears for this.

Man.  Just who in the heck is this amazingly beefy wrestler?  I’ve posted about him before, but no one could seem to identify him.  If I have any obsessions (lol), it would be with names.  This beautiful specimen of a bulky musclebear reminds me of a heftier and huskier Dino Bravo (but minus the mullet).

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Ron Simmons: On Doom, Tag Teams, & The Sex Comparison

Here’s a great shoot interview with Mr. Ron Simmons.  In particular, these were my favorite bits:

Ron flexes both of his massive chest underneath that shirt.

About wrestling the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express
Aw, man, love ’em.  Aw, I used to love working with them.  It was the best to work with Ricky and Robert.  For one thing, youse got these good-looking white guys, right?  These two big black guys, right here, that are gonna beat up on these good-looking white guys.  You should see the look on some of the people’s faces around the ring.  And then they love them and watch them cry.  You know what I mean, and, actually get into that, and want to kill you for what you were doing.  It was, it was in a way, it was like, hey, they’re having sex to watch it, okay?  When you’re out there working with them  Love em.  Love every minute.  I would have worked with them every night if I could.

The above video is a match between Ron Simmons and Tommy Angel.  Ron completely dominated the match (which is a wrestling match I don’t tend to get interested in, as I tend to prefer seeing big guys get dominated).  Anyway, the only reason I chose that match is to compare his excited response about the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express from the previous video to this uneven match against a smaller wrestler.

So it comes full circle.  I found Mr. Simmons’ shoot interview — and especially the “sex” comparison — to be inherently erotic and arousing.  -_^

Make sure to also check out SDW Media’s Tag Teams DVDs which include Doom (Butch Reed/Ron Simmons).

Give A Bear Admirer A Wrestling Magazine, And He’ll Find Porn

Many years ago, I wrote a coming-of-age short story for my Freshman year Creative Writing class.  I thought that it was the bestest story I had ever written.  Like Ralphie from A Christmas Carol, I was gleaming with joy knowing that my teacher would be wowed by such a heartwarming tale of a teenager coming to grips with his sexuality.

Unfortunately, my ego was crushed when I got a D- for my work.  In short, she was not clear on what a “bear” was which left her completely confused with the whole story.  To this day, I still remember those bleeding red marks on the bottom of my final page: “Is this a gay story?”

Anyway, with that brief background, the title of this post is in honor of my failed short story.  It is also the very title that I used.

The moment I saw this magazine in a grocery store, I already knew that I was going to buy it.  But then, thoughts of guilt and shame washed over me.  What will the grocery lady at Daeai Holiday Mart think?  Oh.  My.  God.  She’ll know!  She’ll know that I’m only buying this because I am so attracted to Tommy “Tiny” Lister, Jr.!  I mean, just look at that massive and beefy chest.  Who wouldn’t go weak at such an image of bulky muscles?  I can already envision those pecs undulate, mesmerizing me into a euphoric orgasmic ecstasy.  Then look at how Mr. Lister’s pecs are about to connect with Hogan’s chest.  How can you not fall in lust with such perfect symmetry?…  Anyway, I then grabbed a bag of Doritos so that I did not look like a loser and went there just to buy this porno mag.

At the checkout line, my heart was pounding with fear.  I feared that the lady would touch the glossy magazine cover with her greasy fingers.  And what did you know?  She landed her right grubby paw on Mr. Lister’s perfect physique as she scanned the barcode.  I could then hear my libido: “Oh please don’t bend the magazine, oh please, please, pretty please, please!” Needless to say, she bent it.  I cried.

Pathetic.  I know.  😉

Ah yes.  Mr. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart.  He’s one of my favorite classic bearish wrestlers of all-time.  He’s furry, muscular yet chubby, and has a beefy gut that he would proudly display on certain matches.

As for that specific magazine, look at those wide shoulders and stocky chest.  That goatee is also unbelievably sexy.  And with his mouth partly open, it’s just an invitation of all-night lovin’ and romance.  “Take no prisoners”?  Sir, I’d go M.I.A. anytime…

Oh my.  Junk Yard Dog.  He’s one of the few “good guys” that I fell in love with.  How could I not?  Look at that bearish physique and perfect beard of his.  I always went nuts every time I saw him with those chains wrapped around him.  There’s just something primal and beastly about such a minimal attire.

And as for the magazine itself: “JYD’s Ultimate Weapon.”  Hmm.  I’m pretty sure exactly what his ultimate weapon is…

And, finally, The Magnificent One Don Muraco-WWF Era.  I normally saw him shaven, displaying his smooth and bulky muscles.  This magazine, on the other hand, proudly displays a Don Muraco that I completely love and appreciate.  He is definitely “The Rock”…

Bruiser Mastino: What Happened To Pro-Wrestlers Like These?

This is pro-wrestler, Mike Hallick, as Bruiser Mastino back in the late ’90s.  He was also known as the short-lived Mantaur back in the ‘ol WWF…  The thing is, there seems to be a shortage of actually big bearish guys in pro-wrestling today.  Where are the Vaders?  The Arn Andersons?  The Big John Studds?

Must all big pro-wrestlers wear singlets like this?

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