Brad Grunberg: A Chubby Present From A New Friend & A Present Of My Own

The greatest thing about the internet, and especially to bear lovers like us, is that it is the source for us to get together, share, and talk about our obssession with the human ursines.  It’s very wonderful indeed…

Well, a new friend out there decided to send me a gift.  He thought of my blog while watching Brad Grunberg from an episode of “Pushing Daisies” and made a collage.  Okay, I gotta say it.  Awww.  He has a blog [], and though I can’t understand it, the pictures speak for themselves.  Thank you very much, my Turkish friend…


A few years ago, in the old BearMythology Yahoo Group, everybody was going nuts for a short film starring Johnny Cocktails in iFilm.  And guess what?  It’s still in iFilm (now  This short movie should definitely be right up Chubarama‘s alley…  And this is *my* present to you, my good friend.  🙂

Eating Las Vegas
Starring: Brad Grunberg as Johnny Cocktails
Unfortunately, I can’t embed this video per WordPress’ policies;
so stop reading this and click on the link already.
And if someone can teach us how to download that movie,
it will be really, really rad.

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7 thoughts on “Brad Grunberg: A Chubby Present From A New Friend & A Present Of My Own”

  1. so this IS Greg’s brother?
    I just saw the shirtless Greg post and immediately thought of Brad’s appearance on P.Daisies.

  2. With the latest version of RealPlayer, I was able to download the entire movie in flash video that RealPlayer can read. So I was able to get this great picture.

  3. Looks like that’s cos I’m a dork and it’s a dynamic URL… not static. So I have it downloading now and will send some stills when it’s done.

  4. Thank you, MacGeekBear. Unfortunately, I’m doing something wrong as I can’t seem to download it.

    Anyway, back when I was trying to download it in 2001, most people had dial-up (56Kbps, whoa!) and trying to stream that 40-minute movie was hit-or-miss. If it choked on my connection, I had to restart the movie from the beginning. I remember a fellow named Sparky (of Sparky’s Sumo Studz fame) who managed to extract the video in like 5 agonizing steps then wowed us with screenshots from the fruits of his labor.

    My weekend’s coming up and I’ll try to check this further. It has to be stored in my Temp folder somewhere (not sure how it works in Macs though).

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