Ray Winstone and Malcolm-Jamal Warner: “Fool’s Gold”

Ah, yes, Mr. Ray Winstone.  He’ll be turning 50 this February 19.  And he is still as sexy as ever.  Pretty much, when I think of the term “masculine,” I think of Ray Winstone.

The following are screenshots from the trailer for Fool’s Gold.  I haven’t seen the movie, but my best friend mentioned that there were a lot of nice armpit shots and informed me that I should definitely own it on DVD one day.  He also mentioned that Malcolm-Jamal Warner* was very bearish in the film.  (Funny thing is, my best friend is not gay.  I love that guy!)





* Make sure to check out his site; a couple of cool semi-shirtless pics.  Pretty funky music too.  Who knew Bill Cosby’s kid’s gonna grow up into a bonafide woofy bear stud?


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5 thoughts on “Ray Winstone and Malcolm-Jamal Warner: “Fool’s Gold””

  1. I saw Indy 4 only after a friend informed me that Ray was in it. The man is a treasure, and I own every DVD he’s been in and have every pic that I’ve ever seen of the man. A Bear has never been such a treat since the heyday of Bob Hoskins.

  2. I haven’t blogged about it yet because there’s only a few glimpses, but Ray is also looking really good in the Indy 4 trailer that just got released this week.

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