Reminiscing Again: My Bear Buddy

The following photos are of a good friend of mine’s.  I promised him that I will never share these photos of him on the internet.  (You see, I had conned him in to lending me his shirtless photos as I slyly told him that I wanted to use his body shape for an art project I was doing…  Lol, I’m not even an artist.)  So why am I breaking my promise?  Well, I have not seen him for quite some time, and the odds of him seeing these should be slim.  Lol.  I hope…

Anyway, he’s as straight as straight can be but he was a very caring and compassionate friend when I opened up to him.  Ever since then, he would bring me along to parties, concerts, and my favorite, camping.  He loved to remove his shirt a lot so I was blessed with such painful but delicious bear candy. 

He is just such a beautiful bear of a man that it’s a shame if I did not share it with the rest of the bear-loving public…  So, no names will be given, as I will just be calling him “Buddy.”

The following photos were from an outdoor Classic Rock concert.  It was a great day for me, as you can see…

Enjoy, you pervs!  🙂

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Well, my friend Ozkan woke me up and made me realize that I should respect my friend’s wishes.  So, I am deleting the photos.

3 thoughts on “Reminiscing Again: My Bear Buddy”

  1. i think delete this post, cause i am sure that some people will copy these pics and paste their photo blog. (only important thing is naked or shirtless man for them) And one day if one of your friend’s friend see him. that wont be good for him…

    So delete this post and remove photos your host.

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