Dan Bobish: The Bear, The Bull, Teh Hotness

The Bear

The Bull

Teh Hotness

Dan “The Bull” Bobish is one thick musclebear.  I somewhat prefer his unshaven physique, but there’s simply no denying the perfect sculpted body hidden within that body fur.

10 thoughts on “Dan Bobish: The Bear, The Bull, Teh Hotness”

  1. Bobish has always been a big bear. Trained with him when he first got started, went with him 2 DC for his first MMA fight for extreme fighting. Hell of a nice guy, gotten to where he is because of his dedication to better himself. By the way, he is not gay. Knew him before he married his wife.

  2. I knew him in 199, in Sâo Paulo/Brazil hairy and seeing him now I’d never be interested to him in present…

    A lot better before!!!

  3. Hi Nicole,

    Believe me, you are the envy of both women and gay men. To be married to someone as handsome as Dan is like hitting the lotto or beating the house in Vegas. Dan is definitely beautiful, furry or shaven. 🙂


  4. This is my husband! So I can tell you he is not for sure gay in any way! Sorry guys he prefers the soft side of me! He is much better shaven I can speak from first hand knowledge.


  5. Are the top photos the most recent or the bottom? If the top ones are then he is getting better all the time!

    Otherwise shame on him for manscaping.

  6. He’s the bull?

    So let me be his cow…now!! lol

    Really, he’s a model for a sculpture lesson in an art academy…

    And i agree: hairy IS better

    Kind of “i’m a wild hungry animal so, watch your back coz i could jump on it so fast…”


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