Jareb Dauplaise: Sweaty Chubby Spartan

Meet The Spartans was a horrible movie.  In fact, calling it a “film” is being generous.  It did not even try at all to be clever or, heaven forbid, funny…  Regardless, the one shining beacon in this “film” was the presence of cute chubby bear, Jareb Dauplaise.  I only watched Epic Movie to simply watch his 2-minute performance as Nacho Libre.  Lol.  Yes, if you haven’t noticed it by now, I am pretty shallow.  Anyway, to keep up with today’s posts with a “sweaty” theme, here is Mr. Dauplaise with his proud and sweaty chubby physique…

Our fellow young bear/chub admirers will one day pinpoint this film as an
integral part of their sexual awakening — as Rick Zumwalt in
“Over The Top” had done for my own “bear” discovery…

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