“The Morning After” Cute Chubby Bear (Mike Paterson)

UPDATE: His name is Mike Paterson.  I repeat.  Mike Paterson.  Yes.  His name is Mike Paterson.


The amazing Chubarama has done it again.  An amazing YouTube video was just posted that had a supersexybeautiful bear chub of a man who I have instantly fallen in love with.  He just possesses that look that I just go crazy for: the nerdy look, receding hairline, and oh-so furry chubby bear body.  And I just love that innocent look of his, as well as his not-too masculine voice.  Plus his facial expressions in the short film — a film that was extremely well-made — were just so adorable.


Unfortunately, I don’t know his name and I hope that somebody out there uncovers this beautiful man’s proper nomenclature so that he could be addressed (i.e., “woofed at”) accordingly.

Anyway, here’s an animated gif of “supersexybeautiful bear chub” getting his right nipple played on.  Man, I can watch this for hours on end.  What a sexy body!


He does remind me of a cross between Allen Garfield (in his younger days) and Michael Milhoan (just the face and balding head).




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11 thoughts on ““The Morning After” Cute Chubby Bear (Mike Paterson)”

  1. Count me in as a Michael Milhoan admirer as well. Find him incredibly sexy and fantasize about him often. 😉 He’d make a great dom daddy.

  2. Mr. Walker, your film is an exercise in excellent visual storytelling. What you have compressed in a few minutes, others can’t even duplicate in a longer film. It’s truly entertaining indeed, and having Mike Paterson was just triple-icing on the cake.

    Thank you for the movie. And I’ll make sure to check out your “My Million Dollar Movie.” It looks like an intriguing concept.

    As for the handsome Mike Paterson, yes, I’m sure he is still very talented even with his clothes on. ^_^

  3. Thanks for the kind words about my film.
    And yes, Mike is a truly amazing talent, even with his clothes on.

    Casey Walker

  4. Holy Crap! He was a “pro wrestler”???!!! Wow, I wish I had more info as to who his wrestling character was and/or federation he was in.

    As for being taken, well, I’m very used to that same story anyway. I’m just happy that there is someone out there enjoying and appreciating this handsome and beautiful bear.

  5. Hahaha Mike is a good friend of mine. He´s a Montreal standup comedian and former pro (entertainment) wrestler. He´s one of the most charismatic comedians you´ll ever meet. Sorry though, he has a girlfriend already, so he´s taken.

  6. this “morning after” guy is really sexy. He loses his hair? It’s definately a BIG plus!

    Michael Milhoan?!
    and when i think i really believed i was the only one to have fantasies about THIS guy…

    it’s not the case anymore!

    he’s hoot in any serie in which he makes an appearance
    i’m fond of his “heterodaddyfootballcoach” style

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