Phil Martin: Officially The Coolest Strongman I Know

I got an email from Mr. Phil Martin himself, and the first thing I thought: “Oh shit, another pissed off straight bear.”  To my pleasant surprise, he wasn’t mad at all. I then learned a few things about him that made my admiration towards him intensify a thousand fold.  If you’ve seen him in the World’s Strongest Man competitions, he’s a very funny guy and his personality is still the same: down-to-earth and just a plain ‘ol cuddly teddy bear.

I begged him for some photos and he shared the following for us.  Man, he’s seriously one sexy big bear…

By the way, Mr. Martin is a straight bear, so the podium is only open for his female fans.  -_^

So for every hate emails I get, emails like the ones I get from Mr. Martin truly encourage me to continue on with this blog.  Believe me, I’m still starry-eyed from knowing that THE Phil Martin wrote to me. WOW! 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Phil Martin: Officially The Coolest Strongman I Know”

  1. I grew up knowing Phil. Its been almost 17 years since I saw him last, other than on TV. Tell him Lorenzo G.’s old skater movie makin buddy Jay Smith says “hey”.

    Kip…youre a hater. And your name would imply that your a homosexual that is just being over protective. Youre like Per

    Chris Toney: We know youre NOT kidding.

    Kiptivio: just shut up.

  2. Frankly, it’s just really creepy reading the stuff you people type about this guy. Clearly, you’re obsessed with the guy, bordering on stalker-like behavior. I’m guessing the dude behind this website has already dug through Martin’s garbage in the hopes of finding used Kleenex or toilet paper. Yes, I believe he’s that sick.


  3. I would like to contact him. I always think he was funny and looking good. Thnak you if you can help me. Sylvie

  4. I was wondering if you could give me phil’s e-mail! My moms co-worker was dating him and he came to my class for an interview watched him in a local strongman and went on a trip with him and would like to see how he has been! If you could please give me his e-mail it would be greatly appreciated THANKS! Chris

  5. Hello,
    After doing a bit of research on this man, Phil Martin, I would like to know how I can contact him. I really want to express a variety of things to him, and see what he has to say about different things too (not to mention speak of his looks).

    Also, in contacting him, can I solidly expect a response? I really would like to hear from him after my initial letter, and would just like to know now if there is anything that I can do to raise my chances of hearing back from him.

    Lastly, I’m really interested in knowing whether or not he spurns those who express “attraction”?
    I really look forward to this.
    Thank you!

  6. if anyone knows how to contact phil martin. please let him know his good friend from oregon wants to contact him thanks

  7. Phil Martin Is a very good friend of mine.And over the years we have lost contact and I would really love for him to contact me.

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