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Two Woofy Tuesday (Beary Yummy Seconds): Phil Martin


Musclebear Heinz Ollesch won the poll when he was pitted against musclechub Phil Martin.  I mentioned in the Woofy Winner Wednesday result that I was currently 0-for-3, so that meant that I would have voted for Mr. Phil Martin.


My body preference tend to lean towards the husky/chubbier types which was why I would have chosen Mr. Martin over the German Beast, Mr. Ollesch.  However, Heinz is definitely a magnificent specimen and I’m not completely discounting him.  I love Phil Martin a bit more because he is just so huggable!  Also, I am completely attracted to his handsome face.  Heinz has this brutish look while Phil has this approachable yet intimidating look that I just go nuts for.  He also reminds me of this daddy bear actor, Bill Smitrovich:

bill-smitrovitch-01Bill Smitrovich from the tv series, Life Goes On

gerrit-badenhorst-and-phil-martinGerrit Badenhorst and Phil Martin
(I can’t seem to find Gerrit’s official site; I know that he’s slimmer now
and is currently a singer…)



Finally, here are more screenshots of the ever wooftiful Phil Martin in a sumo garb.  Check out more photos of my favorite musclebear in such a fantastic sportswear


philmartin-sumo1_111Kevin Toth is on the right…  Definitely another one of my musclechub fantasy…

philmartin-sumo1_096Hmmmmm…  -_^









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Two Woofy Tuesday: Phil Martin Vs. Heinz Ollesch


Today’s Two Woofy Tuesday theme is “Strongest Men.”  It completely pains me to pit two spectacularly handsome strongmen together, but I am a cruel and unjust blogger.  So, today, I pose this most difficult question: “Do you pick the strongman musclechub, Phil Martin, or the strongman musclebear, Heinz Ollesch?”

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Phil Martin: Officially The Coolest Strongman I Know

I got an email from Mr. Phil Martin himself, and the first thing I thought: “Oh shit, another pissed off straight bear.”  To my pleasant surprise, he wasn’t mad at all. I then learned a few things about him that made my admiration towards him intensify a thousand fold.  If you’ve seen him in the World’s Strongest Man competitions, he’s a very funny guy and his personality is still the same: down-to-earth and just a plain ‘ol cuddly teddy bear.

I begged him for some photos and he shared the following for us.  Man, he’s seriously one sexy big bear…

By the way, Mr. Martin is a straight bear, so the podium is only open for his female fans.  -_^

So for every hate emails I get, emails like the ones I get from Mr. Martin truly encourage me to continue on with this blog.  Believe me, I’m still starry-eyed from knowing that THE Phil Martin wrote to me. WOW! 🙂

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