I, Rob deLeeuw

Rob deLeeuw was the physical representation of a fictional character that I used to roleplay in the CHUD message boards.  I also did some of the designs of our fictional posters:

It was a fun game as it was like a Grand Theft Auto game, except, there wasn’t a lot of driving missions.  My character was your typical hitman who eventually rose up in rank.  Playing that game made me even more realize that not only do I love bearish men, I wish that I, myself, was bearish.

Anyway, we loved it so much that we had a sequel.  And just to show you how predictable I am, my new character was Ray Winstone…  Lol.

Photo was taken from Love, Honour & Obey
LFBears from YouTube had posted a funny clip from that movie

So I got a bit creative in the sequel.  I played a lounge singer who learned to wield his microphone as a weapon.  Lol.  Okay, maybe more farfetched than creative…

Anyway, here are screenshots from the film where I got Mr. Rob deLeeuw’s photo from: My 5 Wives.  Unfortunately, he’s an inept gangster in the film, but there is simply no denying that he is simply and utterly dashingly handsome.

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One thought on “I, Rob deLeeuw”

  1. Oh yeah…
    This Rob with a tie is perfect!
    (and i don’t mind if it’s yellow! lol)

    And with these sunglasses…
    “Sex” is written on his forehead!

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