Clint Culp: “The Onion Movie” (BATES 4000)

The Onion Movie has been in limbo for the past 5 years but it’s finally released on DVD.  It’s completely racist, offensive, and juvenile.  But, to my pleasant surprise, it was genuinely funny (unlike recent comedic masterpieces like “Meet The Spartans”).  The jokes are dated, but the gems in the film are timeless and just pure great satire.

One of my favorite segment was the “BATES 4000” which starred a very cute chubby bear, Clint Culp.

[EDIT: Well, the moment I posted the video, FOX had immediately got it blocked as they had an automated program finding keywords about their films.  Oh well. I’ll try Google Video and l’ll post it as a private video.]

[EDIT AGAIN: LOL.  Google Videos rejected it too even though I’ve changed the name file.  Does anybody know a good YouTube-like site out there?]

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