Dave Moralez: Supersexymassive British Pro-Wrestler

Photos from Dave Moralez’s MySpace Page

Hot damn.  Mr. Dave Moralez is one fine specimen of a truly bulky and husky bearish god.  He’s also a pro-wrestler from the UK, which is quite a bonus.  And he’s a straight man.  Why are the ladies always so lucky?  🙁

Photos from British Wrestling Photos

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2 thoughts on “Dave Moralez: Supersexymassive British Pro-Wrestler”

  1. That would be a lot more cutting, if it didn’t come from a skinny wrestler prancing around in his underwear getting hot and sweaty with other men for ‘entertainment’ purposes. Gay abuse from a “wrestler” (and not even the real kind), hilarious 🙂

  2. Hey gays, Hot Damn indeed!! i have grappled with this big bad bear many times, in and out of the ring 😉 and who ever says he is straight obviously dosnt know him, as i know for a fact that he loves a nice bit of cock!!, he dosnt mind giving or receiving… dont let his “hard man” image fool you gays out there as he can be very gentle (you queers know what i mean!!), all you gays in fairy land should add him on facebook!!

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