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Hotfur: Episode 1

(higher quality version)

There’s a new webisode on YouTube that is hosted by three cute bears and the brainchild of Mr. Jonathan Robinson: Declan, Kevin, and my favorite from the Britain’s Next Bear Model competition, Sean.  The show is called Hotfur and it is definitely and suitably titled.  The following photos from the video are taken by the talented Kevin Allsopp





And as a bonus, here is Sean and Raff working — ahem — hard at the office…  That’s what he said!


office-britains-next-bear-model-005Every office should have an ample amount of staples, paper clips, and rubber…
Man, you guys have such raunchy minds…  -_^


Dave Moralez: Supersexymassive British Pro-Wrestler

Photos from Dave Moralez’s MySpace Page

Hot damn.  Mr. Dave Moralez is one fine specimen of a truly bulky and husky bearish god.  He’s also a pro-wrestler from the UK, which is quite a bonus.  And he’s a straight man.  Why are the ladies always so lucky?  🙁

Photos from British Wrestling Photos

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Dave Moralez: “The Human Hate Machine”

Here’s British pro-wrestler, Dave Moralez, in a pretty funny wrestling skit with his manager, Charming Don Charles.  Not only is it funny, but we get to see the beefy and handsome Mr. Moralez lifting weights and hear him talk with a truly sexy accent.  *swoons*

The following are Dave’s 2 matches with Spud (Spud was who Dave’s manager was training for to street brawl against).  The matches are close to identical, but I love the fact that Spud is a twinkie wrestler and I always find it very erotic when big men like Mr. Moralez pits up against smaller guys.

This last video just shows how much of a badass he is.  It also takes skill to act all tough without cracking up a smile or laugh in front of rowdy kids who are allowed to be at hand’s length with these pro-wrestlers.

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