Unknown Beefy MuscleChub Actor/Stuntman


Greg (owner of Brotherhood Of Bears) and I have been massive admirers of this unknown beefy musclechub actor/stuntman/biker/immensely hot bearchub.  For 8 long agonizing years, we can’t seem to figure out his name.  Sometimes, I feel that he’s nothing but a phantom.  Who in Sam’s hell is he?

Here are some sightings of this beefy and stocky bear:

Greg had posted the following images in his group.  They’re screenshots from the TV series, Two and a Half Men.

Charlie Sheen ponders about asking the big, beefy man to help him with that
‘pie scene’ from the movie, American Pie.

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8 comments on “Unknown Beefy MuscleChub Actor/Stuntman

  1. jibreal says:

    Will….u don’t have to happened to know the episode name? Have u tried to look in imdb.com?

  2. I wish I knew as that would make things easier! Anybody, somebody, HELP!

  3. […] an old magazine scan of the unknown beefy musclechub actor/stuntman.  And why is it here?  I’m still begging for any assistance or clues in figuring out his […]

  4. Alexis says:

    His name is Jorge Cottini and he is now deceased. He was a friend of my ex husbands

  5. Steve says:

    Jorge was a friend of mine and I have not talked to him in several years. Can you verify he is deceased?

  6. Laura says:

    Yes unfortunatly he is deceased. He passed 1/18/2009. he wqas a very good friend of mine and my husbands best friend, we knew him for many years. He will be missed…

  7. sigruna44 says:

    Jorge Cottini 1962 – 2009 Born November 8, 1962 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Passed away January 18, 2009 in Lakewood,

  8. Jason says:

    I still can’t believe Jorge is gone. He was way to young. I miss him so much. Love you brother! Thanks for the pic gallery.

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