Prince Fielder: Milwaukee’s Finest Beefy Brewer

Milwaukee Brewers’ Prince Fielder (son of Cecil Fielder) is definitely a major league hot bear.  He’s one of the sole reasons why the Brew Crew are just so fun to watch.  He wasn’t hitting as many home runs earlier in the season which caused irate fantasy baseball owners others to criticize that his recent vegetarian diet was responsible for his loss of production.

But he’s found his groove lately and the Brewers had been winning many games because of him.  So hopefully that will also put a stop on the mentality of “vegetarians = bad athletes.”  I really hope that Prince dominates even further this season.  Vegetarians get a bad rap and I think that it’s great to have a role model who looks like him, yet at the same time, eats healthy (subjective, of course, for us meat eaters).

The book that had changed Mr. Fielder’s life and perceptions on our meat-eating ways was a book called, Skinny Bitch.  You don’t need to be an ace detective to guess that his wife had lent him that book.  -_^

It’s a shame that he recently shaved off his hair that he was slowly trying to create dreadlocks with.  I wanted to see that hippie transformation.  I so badly want to see that Manny Ramirez / Chris Dowd look.

Alas, hopefully, the Prince decides to grow it again.

2 thoughts on “Prince Fielder: Milwaukee’s Finest Beefy Brewer”

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