Unknown Beefy MuscleChub Part 2

Here’s an old magazine scan of the unknown beefy musclechub actor/stuntman.  And why is it here?  I’m still begging for any assistance or clues in figuring out his name.  It’s driving me crazy as N’Sync used to say.  Dear Lord, I just referenced N’Sync.  It’s worse than I thought…

Anyway, here’s a fuzzy snapshot of that unknown woofster I had taken a long time ago with a video capture card called Snappy (which was connected to a serial COM port — try to find that on a modern PC — and powered by a 9V battery).  Ah, the things I went through to capture blurry bearish images…

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  1. Jorge Cottini 1962 – 2009 Born November 8, 1962 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Passed away January 18, 2009 in Lakewood,

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