Tom Hulce: Rock Me Amadeus, Indeed


Well, I’ll be.  Bearotic just posted a series of images of an actor from the film, Amadeus, who has matured into one seriously hot and woofy daddy bear: Tom Hulce.

Say what?  Again?  Tom Hulce?  I mean, seriously, what the f*ck?  (But in a good way.)  Wow.  I’m utterly speechless to actually see a man mature into such a perfect model of immense beauty.  I mean, honestly, I’m completely stunned.

Apparently he was in Jumper and I don’t remember seeing him in that movie.  My beardar was definitely malfunctioning at the time.  Anyway, I’m definitely going to check that film out again soon.

3 comments on “Tom Hulce: Rock Me Amadeus, Indeed

  1. grohgnon says:

    Tom Hulce sure is hawt , but this Alessandrini guy is pure dope too. He looks quite like one of my ex boyfriends.

  2. PeterCub says:

    Look for him on “Stranger than fiction”. My jaw was dropped when I first time saw him there.

  3. Argentinoso says:


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