Eric Esch: Also Widely-Known As “Butterbean”

That smile just knocks the wind out of you…
Oh yeah, that right fist too.

Eric “Butterbean” Esch is a professional boxer/mma fighter and a model of perfect chubby goodness.  He’s a pop-culture icon that practically most people could identify, even if they just saw his silhouette.

A big, big thank you to the awesome D.T. for sharing all of these fantastic photos of the one and only Butterbean…

I finally got to meet the great Butterbean…  I only have one chance to get this right…
(fake Italian accent) Hey fatty, there’s no way you can pound on my Italian dough,
you fatty fat fat fatty.  You’re just a fat kid.  Aren’t ya, fatty?  Here’s some chocolate, fatso

OW!  Don’t collapse just yet…


And the following video is somewhat random, but not really.  I was doing a google search for “Butterbean” when I accidentally typed in “Butterbeam.”  It led me to a YouTube page of a chubby Filipino who his friends mistakenly referred to as “Butterbeam.”  Ah, my Filipino accent carried on through with my writing.  🙂

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