Pakistan Wrestlers

Here are some woofy photos of Pakistani wrestlers.  I started researching more about “Pehalwan” when I saw the first photo you see below.  You definitely can’t blame me for doing so, no?  ^_^

These beautiful shots are by Nicola Okin Frioli

Technically, The Great Gama is Indian, but he later moved to Pakistan.

I’m not sure who he is, but the description of the video says that he’s “Singh.”

Got this and the bottom photo here
(And I must add that I just LOVE that photo.  It’s just, perfect.)

Usman Majeed

And here’s an interesting editiorial on wrestling in Pakistan

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  1. Some of these are Punjabi Kabaddi Players. Check out my blog right now, i have JUST posted a whole set of pictures of Beefy Kabaddi players. Also, check out for more info and a shit-ton of pictures (all of mine are from that site).

    The Pakistani wrestlers i dont know too much about, But i’ll ask a pakistani friend and get back to you. Some of these guys are definitely Kabaddi wrestlers though. check it out

  2. The Great Gama indeed. And I thought I was the only one with his picture in my hard drive. You’ve done it again!

  3. all those were pakistani wrestlers except one pic, world champion great gamma his nephew w champion bholu pehlawan and his brothers the other pic is aslam pahlawan grabbing tiger jogindar singh the younger brother of Dara singh

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