Devin Faraci: Did Jew Know He’s In “McCaingels”?

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I’m only posting this video simply because the ever-woofy Devin Faraci of has made his very first acting appearance as “The Rabbi” (check out the original post).

And as a bonus, it’s a parody of Charlie’s Angels, except they’re John McCain’s Angels.  McCaingels.  Get it?  🙂

This is the description of the very first episode:

Johnnie’s girls will go to great lengths to preserve the sanctity of marriage, even if it means ruining every gay wedding one by one. And if someone gets decapitated, well then that’s just a bonus.


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  1. Thanks guys… we’re at about 6000 hits for the first day up (the counter on is broken… so don’t trust that). Devin was amazing… he even learned a little Hebrew for the role… that’s dedication!


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