Andrei Chemerkin: Classic Weightlifter

1996.  Is that even considered a “classic”?  Anyway, Andrei Chemerkin (1996 Olympic Weightlifting Champion) was a massive Russian weightlifter that I had a major crush on.  The photo above is quite possibly a popular and an iconic image, especially to his fans.

I tried to upload the video of the screenshots from the left but it was so blurry that it’s
not even worth it.  The screenshots look somewhat clear as I had to “doctor” them.

I’m not really sure what he’s doing now, so any info would be appreciated.  And here are just some photos that I have collected or was shared with me from the past

[EDIT: I just learned that these photos came from the Andrei Chemerkin Unofficial Website.  Visit it now as it has tons of photos of the spectacular Andrei Chemerkin.]

The following collage was from FilmBear’s Andrei Chemerkin’s Fan Page.  As an added note, FilmBear also had fansites for John Goodman and Abraham Benrubi (but I can’t seem to access them, and if I could, I could not access the contents).

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  1. Chemerkin and other champion weightlifters/body builders know they are the object of sexual desire by gay men. They accept it as a circumstance of what they do. I struggle constantly NOT to regard them as super human sex creatures but they are so breathtakingly beautiful and my lust is inflamed to such a degree that I lose self control – something they have worked so hard to achieve. I think they feel they are being respectful to us by not allowing pictures of their perfect bodies to be circulated because it turns us into drooling Pavlovian dogs.

  2. Yes, I am the webmaster, and I am the one who was teasing Filmbear with the thumb (actually, the thumb was on the website, not linked to the original to see what kind of reaction will be, and the response was from one community only). Sorry guys, I am not into the scene. Andrei is a friend of mine and I don’t want such pics to be a source for “self-satisfaction”. Would answer some common questions though (sorry, don’t have time to update the website).

  3. Wow. I did not know about this website. Most of those photos were shared with me but they never shared with me the sources.

    I am a stickler for sources so I will update this post. I’m not sure if you are the webmaster for that page, but I would like to thank you very much for it. I’m like a kid in a candy store right now as you have the most photos I’ve ever seen about Mr. Chemerkin.

  4. FILMBEAR!!! Wow. I’m not sure if you remember me, but I was that annoying dude who kept emailing you questions about John Goodman. You’re one of the reasons I got the idea of starting the old bearmythology Yahoo group (which later evolved into this blog). I just want to thank you for being my inspiration and muse.

    As for Andrei sitting nude in a sauna. As a great friend of mine had emailed me his reaction about that imagery:

    *head explodes*

    Just the thought and idea alone is spectacular enough.

    And please give us a heads up about your fansites once you get them back up. They’re grrreat stuff!


  5. Super Heavyweight lifting is one of my favorite Olympic events besides the Shot Put. Andrei Chemerkin sure is hot. He sure has a nice package. I love it when they adjust their crotch before doing the lift and just wish that the fabric would burst off when they squat to expose their goodies! Thanks for the post.

    Check out Matthias Steiner of Germany after winning gold dramatically and he kisses his cuddly bear of a coach from excitement. I like him better now that he is older and beefier. 2004 Athens weighlifting has more eye candy though.

  6. I’m flattered …. I’ve actually see a photo of Andrei sitting in a sauna nude! It was a side view and I begged and begged to the guy that that showed it to me but he would only show my a thumbnail version.

    As for my John Goodman and Abraham Benrubi sites, they’ve been down for a bit (WAY too long) and I’m working on getting them back up. I still have all the photos and I’ll gladly share. 🙂

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