Dan Blocker: Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright From “Bonanza”

Make sure to watch it in higher quality (remember this YouTube trick):

Dan Blocker is definitely a classic bearish icon who is definitely in the hallowed halls of the Great Pantheon of Bearish Gods.  Mr. Blocker played an iconic character of the big Eric “Hoss” Cartwright with a heart of gold in the television series, Bonanza.

Also, definitely check out Bearotic for their great article on this classic woofy bear archetype.

Anyway, I just found out that I had screenshots of Big Hoss being shirtless in “Bonanza.”  These were shared with me a few years ago and because I did not name them correctly, I had forgotten about them (I am involved in the long, arduous process of renaming my photos).  Luckily, I stumbled upon them so that I could share them as they were meant to be shared.

Does anybody know which season and episode this scene occurred in?  Based on the photos, it looks like Hoss was in a boxing match against a bigger and bald chub…

[FUN SITE: There’s this Wikipedia parody for Gay Body Types, and it used Dan Blocker as the model for “Bear.”]

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7 thoughts on “Dan Blocker: Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright From “Bonanza””

  1. There was an episode where a boxer (played by real pro boxer Willhelm Von Homburg) and his trainer brother arrive in town and begin to cause trouble. Eventually, Hoss fights him in the ring and wins because, after years of abuse , the trainer/brother has had enough and lets the boxer try to do it by himself. Do you know the name of the episode and what season it was in? Thanks, Joel

  2. There’s a Bonanza episode called The Ape, where Hoss befriends a big child-like guy played by Cal Bolder. At one point in the episode, Hoss tells the Ape, “we’re bears.”

    Thought you might enjoy that bit of trivia.

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