Justin Anlezark: “Who Would You Turn Gay For?”

My good friend, Jibreal, who had introduced me to Autralian shot putter, Justin Anlezark, has just emailed me some cool photos (updated with creative photo titles) and a link to a YouTube 60-second interview where one of the questions was: “Who would you turn gay for?”

Love the accent.  Unfortunately, I was not familiar with the person’s name he mentioned to answer that provocative question…

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6 thoughts on “Justin Anlezark: “Who Would You Turn Gay For?””

  1. Thanks Will for posting this,i appreciate all the work u have done!
    Martin,laurie or barry lawrence….whoever he is,i would be lucky to be in his shoes with this sexy Aussie 🙂

  2. Could it be “Barry Lawrence” ? After googling the name, he seems to be a boat seller in Melbourne (blmarine.com.au). Another possibility.

  3. I think he said Laurie Lawrence, which by the way would be a joke. Laurie is a former Australian swimming coach and now I think travels with the athletes for inspiration/motivation. gr8 site btw !

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