Glenn Ross: “Who’s The Daddy!”

Amidst the thunderous applause, a massive strongman poses after successfully lifting six tires then roars out his battle-cry, “Who’s The Daddy!”

(higher quality version)

Former Britain’s Strongest Man (1999, 2000 & 2001) and powerlifter, Glenn Ross, is a definite perennial favorite of mine.  Like Phil Martin, not only is he a sight to behold, but he’s also a showman who knows how to pump up the crowd.  Take that video clip (courtesy of the awesome D.T.), for example.  He makes the sport even more exciting by involving the spectators and fans.  Athletes who are best remembered, whether successful or not at their particular sport, tend to be the ones who are exactly like Glenn Ross.  Their love for the sport and a winning personality are qualities that eventually make them popular and stand out to fans and non-fans alike.

I am particularly fond of the following photos of Glenn Ross in a business suit.  I just love how his long-sleeved shirt is tucked in, exposing his well-defined belly.  There’s just something utterly delectable about it.

D.T. has also unearthed another strongman musclechub who I have not heard of before.  His name is Dale Norris and here he is posing with the Big Daddy himself…

8 thoughts on “Glenn Ross: “Who’s The Daddy!””

  1. i dont want to be direct now, but…
    that guy is incredible sexy and HUGE. what a strong bull.

    i wish i could have sex with him, at least once 🙂

  2. He must be the original Mr Incredible! Truly awesome and I would love to get my paws on him, and his on me :O)

  3. Whao!

    Never saw a man so big, so bulky, so beautiful.

    Who’s the daddy? I don’t know…

    but i know who ‘s HIS boy: me.

    And yes:

    A white shirt is soo sexy… so are his green soxx! Call me crazy if you want but i had to write it.


  4. “I am particularly fond of the following photos of Glenn Ross in a business suit.”

    He does clean up nicely doesn’t he 🙂

  5. he looks great from the side..protruded butt and belly! also nice in suit.. in the last two pix in suit, his tie is a bit too short! LOL

    great to hear you back will!

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