[BearPit] John Goodman: “Roseanne”

Jasper and Justin had a discussion on John Goodman’s powerlifting regimen and massive arms.  As a John Goodman fan, I was literally ashamed for not knowing anything about such a regimen (though I can attest to his massive arms).  All I know is that I’m gonna worship the altar of John Goodman either he be a musclebear, musclechub, a chub, daddy bear, or a daddy chub.

In honor of John Goodman’s arms, above is a photo shoot with entertainment illustrator, Rick Law.  Ah, that tanktop and that short shorts.  Yabba Dabba Doo, indeed.

But that’s just a teaser of what’s to come.  The following are finally better screenshots of that fantastic armpits scene of John Goodman from “Roseanne.”

And to complete the foreplay and venture to the actual game, here is the scene in its entirety:


Thank you, D.T., for sharing this gem with us!

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8 thoughts on “[BearPit] John Goodman: “Roseanne””

  1. Also in Flintstones, as if by divine intervention for those of us footguys who have always wondered … Goodman’s incredibly handsome, beefy feet, (yup, every bit as perfect and beautiful as the rest of him) right up close and heart-stoppingly personal. Damn, I must have rewound that scene 40 times…would that there were ever a chance. Dream on.

  2. I started going through my John Goodman pile (yes, I have a John Goodman pile) and found a handful of old magazines, books, newspaper articles about him (more specifically, about “The Flintstones”). I still have that Premiere Magazine (May 1994) where you get a glimpse of his left armpit (lol). I’ll try to scan it but the mag’s somewhat oversized for my scanner. I’ll try anyway.

  3. I hope you uncover more treasures of John Goodman like the above photo 🙂 That is a great picture .And thank you Jasper for reminding me of Kingfish that opening scene with John walking around in that tanktop and shorts is FANTASTIC !! I forgot all about it and had to dig out my old vhs copy ..1993-1994 was a great year to see the musclebear John..I wait patiently for more undiscovered pic and video

  4. Yabba Dabba DOO ME, CAVEMAN!
    Love that pic!
    and is that…a hint of chest fur poking up??
    did he shave that for ‘Everybody’s All-American’ and ‘Sea of Love’?? (what a pity!)
    and, Yes, please share where these pics came from! That outfit is as skimpy as his on-camera opening scene in “Kingfish: The Huey P Long Story”, which was white and you could see “something” bounce as he crosses the floor, getting out of bed! drooooool!

    I do know that the Roseanne set is from “Nine is Enough” (s6-7?) where she tells him she’s pregnant again at the end of that episode.

    I’m almost surprised you don’t have the hotel scene with his bare shoulders and legs (and hints at more!) from s2’s “Do You Know Where Your Parents Are?” curfew episode.

    I also recently caught the “Halloween IV” ep with Abe Benrubi as a younger Dan Conner, dressed in a certain orange man-dress, too! ;p WOOF!

  5. WOW !!! Where did you find that picture ?? To be on the Flintstones set with John wearing that tanktop and shorts .. YABBA DABBA DOO is correct . seeing this makes me more intrigued about his powerlifting regimen.He looks in fabulous shape here Big Muscular & HUGE !! MORE !! MORE !! MORE !! Those pictures & clip from the Roseanne show are definitely droolworthy..How big are those arms ??

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